4th February 2019
Micrograph showing the microfluidic chip used to create designer emulsions. Insets: First flow focusing device (top left) creating contact between the inner and middle phase. Middle left: flow focused on generating double emulsion droplets. Bottom row: gradual growth of the inner droplet. Picture: Iacopo Mattich/ETH Zurich

Designer Emulsions

The soft materials and complex groups at the ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and researchers from the KU Leuven, Belgium, have developed a generic and versatile method to create designer liquid-liquid interfaces, using transient double... (Read more)
4th February 2019
The entire Italian delegation at lunchtime, organized outside under the orange and lemon trees. Source: AERC2018 local committee

AERC 2018 in Sorrento: A Scientific Success!

570 delegates attended the Annual European Rheology Conference (AERC)2018 which took place in Sorrento, Naples, Italy from 17 – 20... (Read more)
1st February 2019
Participants of the Ring Polymers Workshop 2017 in Hersonissos. Copyright: A. Larsen, FORTH

Ring Polymers Workshop 2017 in Hersonissos: Future Research Perspectives

Three SoftComp groups organized the Ring Polymers Workshop in Hersonissos, Crete, from 25th - 27th September... (Read more)
8th February 2018
Optical images of dissolution of capsules with compositions highlighted in the figure showing (A-C) instantaneous, (D-E) sustained, pulsed and diffuse release. (F) High magnification images of the surface cracks of the capsule and (G) the emanating micron-sized nanoparticle clusters. (H) The droplet radius of the composite (D) capsule was found to remain approximately constant over time, and release of micron-sized nanoparticle clusters occurs in bursts, over long timescales, tuneable with pH. Copyright: Authors, taken without changes from 10.1126/sciadv.aao3353 which has been published under Creative Commons Licence CC BY 4.0 (

Nanocomposite Capsules with Directional, Pulsed Nanoparticle Release

The precise spatio-temporal delivery of nanoparticles from polymeric capsules is required for applications ranging from medicine to materials science. Researchers from the Imperial College London, UK, have demonstrated that microporosity and capsule morphology... (Read more)
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