The Mission of SoftComp is to provide a sustainable environment for the integration of leading European Research Groups in the Field of Soft Matter composites as detailed in our Research Road Map with the clear vision for research, dissemination, education and industrial outreach for the medium long term.

The main objectives of SoftComp are:

  • better science through interdisciplinary communication and joint projects
  • better science through access to joint infrastructure
  • interdisciplinary education of the next generation of Soft Matter scientists
  • scientific bases for Soft Matter related technology in industry

In order to achieve the main objectives, SoftComp uses the following instruments:

  • Access to Research platforms including:
    • exchange of samples,
    • mutual use of scientific instrumentation and
    • use of computational facilities and theoretical expertise
  • Exchange of scientists
  • Web-based communication
  • Joint dissemination program
  • Joint education program
  • Industrial outreach
  • Public outreach


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