NA 4: Polymer-based Complex Systems

The use of new polymeric systems can broaden a lot of applications. Mechanical properties of such system as pure materials or with solvents have many potential applications (elasticity, tackiness, …). At the basis of these properties are polymer dynamics on a molecular scale. They determine linear and non-linear bulk properties of polymeric materials.

In this network area we rationalise these molecular origins by an approach encompassing simulation, experimental techniques with molecular sensitivity (neutron, NMR, dielectric spectroscopy, …) combined with rheological methods and theoretical modelling. Simulation efforts will be directed towards systems like copolymers, where dynamics and thermodynamics are important. Chemically realistic modelling and coarse graining in combination with SCF theories, the simulation of multicomponent systems emphasizing aspects such as the dynamic miscibility, the effect of external forces and boundaries are envisaged.

The SoftComp Scientific Activity

Scientifically SoftComp covers a broad range of scientific activities with currently 39 groups from 33 institutions actively involved. Therefore it is impossible to describe all important results. Instead we present a few highlights in an exemplary way here.

Network Area Coordinators:

S.Förster, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany, and F. Schmid, Univ. Mainz, Germany


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