Network Coordinator

The Network Coordinator is the intermediary to the European Commission who is authorised to execute the Network management. He chairs the Network Coordination Committee (NCC) and the Network Governing Board.

He shall report and be accountable to the NCC and the Network Governing Board.

The coordinator is responsible for the timely compilation of reports and transmission of reports and other deliverables to the Commission. Likewise, the coordinator is responsible for the timely collection of statements, including financial audit certificates, from the partners for transmission to the Commission.

He also alerts the NCC and the Commission in case of non-delivery and/or default.

Supported by the network office, he distributes the necessary documents and information regarding the contract performance to the partners concerned, and carries out the proper administration and accounting of the funds granted by the Commission.

He also oversees preparations for the meetings and decisions of the Network Governing Board and the Network Coordination Committee.

Coordinator of the SoftComp Consortium is

Prof. Gerhard Gompper
Institute of Biological Information Processing (IBI) – Theoretical Physics of Living Matter
Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
52425 Jülich
Tel.: + 49 2461 61-4012


Network Project Office

The network office (NO) is run by the network manager and supports the coordinator and the NCC for the communication with the commission services and the coordination of all reporting required under the contract.

The NO takes care of the daily financial issues.

All meetings within the network are attended, the minutes of these meetings are recorded, the reporting on deliverables and of progressby the network areas and platforms are organized.

In order to achieve maximum transparency, the NO makes available all reports, minutes etc. on the web with protected access for the participants, and provides and maintains a public domain website.

The NO also administers the public outreach programme, issue press releases and provide information on availability of public lectures etc.

The NO has the support of the financial and legal departments of the Forschungszentrum Jülich.

A particular task of the NO is the implementation of an electronic communication and experts system.


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