microscopic dynamics

18th October 2022

Investigating protein solution dynamics using XPCS at an XFEL

Novel experiment opens up possibility of studying collective dynamics providing insight for better drug... (Read more)
11th March 2022
Figure 2: Membrane deformations induced by actin assembly. A membrane bilayer (pink) constituting an initially spherical liposome is deformed through the growth of a branched actin network (blue marks the colour of the end of actin filaments) at its surface. Spikes (inward) and tubes (outward) are formed during this process. Note that compared to the cell geometry, the geometry here is inside out, as the ingredients of the cytoskeleton are outside the liposome. Bar 5 μm. Copyright: Cécile Sykes, CNRS

How Active Biopolymer Networks Shape the Cell Membrane

Experiments on active deformations of a cell membrane by an actin assembly may inspire new materials and approaches. Cécile Sykes from the Laboratoire de Physique de l‘Ecole Normale Supérieure reports on results raising... (Read more)
26th October 2021
Experimental maps of the local dynamics over 1 s for a biopolymer under creep, measured by time- and space-resolved dynamic light scattering. Labels: time before failure. Copyright: University of Montpellier and CNRS

Creep Dynamics and Failure of a Biopolymer Gel

Failure is a topic that has received a lot of attention in the community of soft matter from a scientific and industrial point of view. Among soft systems, understanding failure in biopolymer gels... (Read more)
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