5th July 2017
Switchable liquid crystal contact lens with graphene electrodes fabricated by the Leeds team. Copyright: Leeds University

From Novel Soft Materials to Switchable Contact Lenses

The use of liquid crystals is well established in displays used in smart phones and large area TVs. A new effect has been found in bent core liquid crystal compounds that form an... (Read more)
2nd July 2017
Finite element simulations show that a combination of convection and thermodiffusion enriches formamide in the pore (contour plot). The graph illustrates the accumulation normalized to the reservoir concentration ω_0 over time for different ω_0. The accumulation saturates around a formamide concentration of 85 wt%. The time necessary to reach the plateau τ_plateau depends on the reservoir concentration ω_0 (inset). Copyright: Forschungszentrum Jülich

Origin of Life: Accumulation of Formamide in Hydrothermal Pores to Form Prebiotic Nucleobases

One of the central questions of humankind is: which chemical and physical conditions are necessary to make life possible? In this “origin-of-life” context, formamide plays an important role, because it has been demonstrated... (Read more)