The scientific programme (update 5 October 2019) is available, please click here to download it.

The full collection of all abstracts can be downloaded here.

The registration page is not available anymore. For any problem, please contact directly the SoftComp ( or the EUSMI ( Manager.

This year the SoftComp/EUSMI Annual Meeting will be different in two ways. First because of the date, which will be in fall – October 8-10, 2019  (as the ISMC is taking place in June).  Second, we will try to have it be more of a Gordon conference style meeting, with more forward-looking talks being part of the program.  Five plenary speakers will try to set a high standard for the meeting, in both established and novel areas; these speakers are:

  • Gerhard Gommper (FZ Jülich, Germany) – membrane biophysics.
  • Johan Hofkens (KU Leuven, Belgium) – single molecule microscopy
  • Jasper van der Gucht (Wageningen U) – mechanical properties of composite fibre networks
  • Peter Schurtenberger (Univ. Lund, Sweden) – colloidal systems
  • André Studart (ETH Zürich, Switzerland) – 3D Printing

Moreover, about 15 PI’s from Softcomp and EUSMI groups have already accepted to give a contributed talk.

Along with the usual SoftComp and EUSMI scientific sessions, the following three topical focussed sessions will be organized:

1) Single-Molecule methods in Soft Matter

2) 3D Printing

3) Biophysics

Moreover,  a separate session organized by and for PhD students and young post-docs. The program schedule can be found on the website.

Please send your contributions per email to

  • Joris Sprakel, Annual Meeting Chair
  • Jan Vermant, Annual Meeting Co-Chair
  • Patricia Bassereau, Annual Meeting Co-Chair

by using the following email address

not later than July 31, 2019.

Oral and poster presentations will be decided not later than August 7, 2019.

Some aspects of the SoftComp/EUSMI Annual Meetingremain the same. For one, it will be in Italy: at the Seebay Hotel in Portonovo, Ancona, Italy, from October 8-10, 2019. As in the past It consists of 3 full days, from 09:00 on October 8 through 18:00 on October 10, 2019, with a gala dinner planned on October 10, 2019.

EUSMI administrative meetings will take place in the morning of October 11, 2019.

You are kindly invited to register through the ‘Meetings’ site of the EUSMI web portal or the Softcomp portal (but use only one of them). Deadline (absolute!) for is  September 6, 2019, at the link present here at the bottom.

Please note that the number of rooms available at the Hotel Seebay is limited, rooms in other hotels in the vicinity have been also booked. Therefore, it is very important that participants accept to share a double, or a larger, bedroom with colleagues. Please specify in the comment field if you agree to share a room, and in case you do, you can also let us know the name of the colleague(s) you are welcome to share the room with.

Please note that the SoftComp central budget will cover full meeting costs up to four persons per SoftComp group. In detail the following costs will be covered:

– subsistence/accommodation from the day before the meeting starts to the day after the event ends, i.e. from October 7 through 11, 2019; any extension of your stay is not covered by SoftComp/EUSMI.

– travel costs (up to a max of 250 euro per person); please note that the use of a private car will need to be approved in advance.

Please note that the nearest airport is Ancona (AOI). Transportation from the Ancona airport/train station to the hotel and from the hotel to the Ancona airport/train station will be organized for all the participants.  If you like us to organize a transportation for you, travel details shall be uploaded in the registration form not later than 29.09.2019. In case you upload your travel details after the deadline, the company in charge is unable to guarantee a transportation to you, although we will do our best for you. Use of private car to reach Ancona shall be authorized in advance.

You can arrive earlier and/or leave later, and in this case the hotel management applies the following prices (per person per night) for half board accommodation

– double room single use 85€
– double room 60€
– three beds room 50 €

Before booking your travel, please ensure that the extension of your stay is confirmed.

For any questions, please contact directly the SoftComp ( or the EUSMI ( Manager.


Meeting registration pages:



Deadline for the registration: 20/09/2019. After this deadline the hotel management is unable to guarantee an accommodation for you, although we will do our best for you.

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Meeting Details

Portonovo, Ancona
Flavio Carsughi


Agenda Reporting Attachments
1. Approval of the present agenda (Agenda NGB-16.pdf) G.Gompper Agenda-NCC-039-1.pdf
2. Approval of the minutes of the NGB meeting 14, May 29, 2018, Primosten, Croatia (NGB-16-AD01-FC-v01.pdf) G.Gompper NGB-16-AD01-FC-v01.pdf
3. Check of the actions F.Carsughi

No attachment

4. Report on the last SoftComp period 1) General information 2) SoftComp finances 3) Applications to the SoftComp programmes (NGB-16-AD02-FC-v01.pdf) 1) G.Gompper 2-3) F.Carsughi NGB-16-AD02-FC-v01-1.pdf
5. SoftComp selection committees and NCC membership G.Gompper

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6. Annual meeting 2019 J.Dhont

No attachment

7. International Soft Matter Conference 2022 G.Gompper

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8. SoftComp communications A.Wenzik

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9. SoftComp/EUSMI Annual 2020 meeting F.Carsughi

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10. AoB

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