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Postdoc Position Unina

11th February 2022 - 22nd April 2022

We are currently looking for a motivated Postdoc to work on Long Chain Branching in Polyolefins within the framework of GoLBraPol, a research project funded by the Dutch Polymer Institute (DPI).
This Project focuses on the relationship between molecular architecture, rheological and processing properties of Sparsely Long Chain Branched Polyolefins (SLCB-PO). A multidisciplinary approach to determine the rheological fingerprint of the SLCB architecture will be set up to link the flow properties to molecular architecture. This will provide the knowledge to govern SLCB processing and tune the mechanical properties of the final product. Experiments will be devised to require very small, milligram-size amounts of polymer, thus making it possible to use high throughput, laboratory-oriented synthesis strategies. The results are expected to pave the way to the use of SLCB-POs in specific processing technologies. The possibility to predict and design the best SLCB-PO material for a specific application will also contribute to a better, more responsible, and sustainable use of polyolefins.

The duration of the fellowship is for one year and can be extended for one more year, to be spent mainly at the University of Naples Federico II. We are looking for a highly motivated experimental researcher with a solid background in engineering, physics, chemistry, or a related field, preferably with knowledge of rheology and soft matter. Experience with experimental research, especially using rheometry and processing techniques, as well as excellent communication and computer skills will be highly beneficial.

The Postdoc position will be assigned based on a public competition. The starting of the activity is flexible, in the time window between June and September 2022.
Interested candidates can send a pre-selection email no later than April 15th, 2022, including a detailed C.V., to:

Nino Grizzuti (
Rossana Pasquino (
Salvatore Costanzo (


Additional info:
The call for application is now open!
You can find information and documents here:
Deadline: April 8th
Research Gate


11th February 2022 @ 8:00 am
22nd April 2022 @ 5:00 pm


Pasquino Rossana
Research Gate