Postdoc position at Lund University: Characterising concentrated antibody solutions


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Postdoc position at Lund University: Characterising concentrated antibody solutions

8th April 2022 - 4th May 2022

We have an open postdoc position in the Division of Physical Chemistry at Lund University on the biophysical properties of antibody solutions and their investigation with a combination of scattering techniques and computer simulations.

Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are engineered proteins that can serve as substitute antibodies in the immune system. Due to their high potential in e.g. cancer treatment they attract enormous attention from the pharmaceutical industry. At the same time the formulation of high concentration injectable mAb biologics is very challenging as it is often severely limited due to high turbidity and/or high viscosity.

In this project we aim at establishing an approach to understand the origin of this behaviour and to predict it from low concentration data and mAb molecular structure. The postdoc we are looking for will apply a variety of static and dynamic scattering techniques (based on light and x-rays) on mAb samples, including static and dynamic light scattering (SLS/DLS), small-angle x-ray scattering (SAXS) and x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy (XPCS), and analyse the data. (S)he will also perform microrheology experiments, establish mAb phase/state diagrams and closely work together with simulators and theoreticians in a concerted effort towards a better understanding of the complex solution behaviour of mAbs.

Requirements are:

  • PhD in Soft Matter Physics, Biophysics, Physical Chemistry or similar with a strong biophysical/biochemical background,
  • Very good oral and written proficiency in English,
  • Experience in protein and colloid science,
  • Experience in scattering techniques applied to soft and biological matter,
  • Experience in scattering data analysis,
  • Experience in collaboration with theoreticians and simulators,
  • Experience in protein sample preparation and handling.

Deadline for application is 4 May 2022

More information and a link for the on-line application can be found at:

Research Gate


April 8 @ 8:00 am
May 4 @ 5:00 pm


Peter Schurtenberger
Research Gate