The SoftComp/EUSMI Annual Meeting represents the forum for all SoftComp participants to discuss scientific work performed and the realization of next goals.

The SoftComp/EUSMI Annual meeting 2018 will take place at the Hotel Adriatic Zora in Primosten, Croatia.
It starts at lunch time on May 28, 2018, and will end at lunch time on May 31, 2018.
The scientific part of the meeting includes the following sessions: Plenary lectures and Planned Collaborative Research Activities sessions. Special emphasis will be devoted to the free discussion, in order to bring the participants together to discuss on their present and/or future research projects.
The social dinner will take place on Wednesday May 30, 2018.

The SoftComp central budget will cover the full meeting costs, the subsistence/accommodation and the travel costs (up to a max of 250 euro per person) up to four persons per group from May 28 through May 31. Use of private car to reach Primosten shall be authorized in advance. Please note that the nearest airport is Split. Transportation from the Split airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the Split airport will be organized for all the participants.

Attention please: due to the limited number of rooms available, in your registration form please report if you agree to a double or multiple occupancy accommodation. For this reason, it would be very important that you register under the SoftComp web portal as soon as possible, at least within March 2018.

Moreover, for the Network Area parallel sessions, you are kindly invited to submit the title of your scientific contribution(s) as soon as possible to the proper Network Area Leader.

For your convenience, please find here below the name of the Network Area Coordinators, with their email address:

Network Area 1 – Colloidal Composites, Gels and Glasses
Dr. Michel Cloitre (
Dr. Sprakel, Joris (

Network Area 2/3 – Self-assembling and Biomimetic Systems
Dr. Patricia Bassereau (
Dr. Paul Beales (

Network Area 4 – Polimer Based Complex Systems
Prof. Juan Colmenero (
Prof. Dr. Friederike Schmid (

Please note that the deadline for submitting the contribution is April 15, 2018.

The scientific programme (update 28 May 2018) is available, please click here to download it.

For any questions, please contact directly the SoftComp Manager (email address

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Meeting Details

Primosten, Croatia
Flavio Carsughi


Agenda Reporting Attachments
1. Approval of the present agenda G.Gompper

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2. Approval of the minutes of the NGB meeting 14, May 30, 2017, Venice, Italy G.Gompper NGB-15-AD01-FC-v01.pdf
3. Check of the actions F.Carsughi

No attachment

4. Report on the last SoftComp period - General information - SoftComp finances - Applications to the SoftComp programmes G.Gompper F.Carsughi F.Carsughi NGB-15-AD02-FC-v01.pdf
5. SoftComp selection committees and NCC membership G.Gompper

No attachment

6. Annual meeting concept J.Dhont

No attachment

7. International Soft Matter Conference 2019 W.Poon

No attachment

8. SoftComp communications A.Wenzik

No attachment

9. SoftComp/EUSMI Annual 2019 meeting F.Carsughi NGB-15-AD03-FC-v01.pdf
10. AoB

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